The Ohio State University Athletic Department

Thank you for your interest in an autographed item from the Ohio State University. The only items provided are head coach signed footballs and basketballs. Requests may only be submitted once annually for each organization and are limited to two balls. Due to the volume of requests, the Head Football and Men's Basketball Coaches will sign a limited supply of balls each fiscal year during the application window listed below. The following application windows are the only times balls may be purchased ? no exceptions will be made. APPLICATION WINDOWS

                                      Application window: August 1 - November 30 
                                      Fill Date: March 1st (WHILE SUPPLIES LAST) 

                                      Application window: December 1 - March 31 
                                      Fill Date: April 1st (WHILE SUPPLIES LAST) 

Autographed Items GUIDELINES

                                   1. Non-institutional organizations:
                                      *The cost is $100 per ball
                                      *Documentation proving tax-exempt or 501(c)(3) status is required
                                      Institutional organizations:
                                      *The cost is $75 per ball
                                      *To be classified as an internal organization and receive the discounted
                                      rate, you must be an internal OSU group and pay through an OSU 
                                      e-request. This classification does not extend to boosters or alumni associations. 

                                   2. Individuals are unable to request donation items. 

                                   3. In compliance with NCAA rules and bylaws, the donation is not to directly or 
                                      indirectly benefit an individual of recruitable age (grades 9-12).

                                   4. If your application is approved you will be sent an email requesting a
                                      payment. Once you have submitted your payment, you will be charged the 
                                      cost of the ball(s). Depending on our coaches? schedules and their 
                                      availability, we might have some balls for distribution before the fill date. 
                                      However, there is a waiting list and you should not expect to receive the 
                                      ball(s) before the fill date. 

All requests that do not follow the Donation Guidelines will be denied. All requests submitted online with payment are NOT guaranteed to be fulfilled. Requests not fulfilled will have their application returned and will receive a full refund. Proceeds from the signed balls will not benefit either Head Coach. Specifically, half of the proceeds will be donated to the Ohio State James Cancer Center and the remaining proceeds from the sale of the footballs will be used to support student-athlete initiatives. Thank you for your continued support of Ohio State Athletics, and please contact us if you have any questions.

Go Bucks!

                                      Signed basketball or signed football
                                      Limited to two balls max

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